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Tully Train Depot
wereThe Tully Train Depot was built in 1905 and served the community for passengers and freight until the railroad discontinued service in 1965.  The building was used for storage and other things over the years until the Town of Tully secured a grant to purchase and preserve the building about five years ago.

The first renovation work was done by the town, repairing the roof and replacing the floor in the former passenger area.  For the next three years, the historical society held Christmas @ the Station each year the weekend following Thanksgiving.  Crafts are offered for sale at this event.  The event is a continuation of Christmas at the Station previously held by Eve Carlton and Sonja Shepard for over eight years.  It had been missed by many and the historical society had received many calls inquiring if it would be held again.  Once we schedule it, traffic again returned by many central New Yorkers.

There still was a lot to be done to renovate the building.  Early in 2008, a former Tully resident whose contracting background was invaluable approached volunteering his services for the renovation if materials were supplied.  The offer greatly appreciated was immediately accepted and the project was off and running.  

The Cypress wood paneling in the passenger area where rotted by the leaking roof was torn out and replaced.  Not only did we have the larbor supplied by David Kinne (formerly a Tully Lincoln Street Resident) but businesses such as Kennedy Hardwood and Tully Building Materials stepped forward with discounted prices for the needed materials.  Residents and others offered generous dollars to support the project.  

In June of 2008, we held an open house to show the public our progress.  The former passenger area is beautiful!  We also have the first of two indoor restrooms operational.

During the summer of 2012, the freight area was cleaned out, the wood flooring which had become rotted in spots was removed and a concrete floor was poured.  Three rooms were added to the area -- a utility closet, an approved handicapped bathroom, and a "Food Prep " area.  While this last area is not a health department approved kitchen, it can be used by those people catering their own parties, or by caterers who come in to serve food.  A new refrigerator and two in-the-wall ovens are available for use.  Plenty of electrical outlets have been installed for coffee pots, crockpots, etc.

During 2013, a special sprayon insulation was applied with fireproof paint to the rafters and ceiling in the freight area.  This insulation with the addition of the two stoves made it possible to hold Christmas at the Station in the entire depot area in November of 2013.   

The public has been invited to use this facility for gatherings.  The station has been booked for various events on a regular basis this past year.  Bookings have increased and it is wise to check well ahead of any event if you wish to use the station.  All sorts of events have been scheduled this past year.  During 2014 very few Saturdays or Sundays were open.  December the station was booked solid with Christmas Parties.

The Tully Arts Council is again sponsoring "Songs for a Winter's Night" every Sunday evening during January.  Program schedule for this event appears in the Southern Hills News January calendar.

The place is available and if anyone has any questions concerning it, call 696-4681 and we will try to answer all questions.  Any and all donations are appreciated and gratefully accepted by the Tully Area Historical Society. Please designate on your check "for Railroad Depot."
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